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Liptak Family

The Liptak family has a long history in the Ottawa construction industry dating back to 1956. 

In 1954 John Liptak Sr. came to Canada from Germany with a strong work ethic and trained in the art of furniture making and cabinetry. He used his talents and skills to quickly expand the business into home renovations and custom homes because of the high demand for skilled labour. Today that business has expanded into 14 companies. 

His son John Liptak learned the business from the bottom up. Starting by cleaning job sites at the age of 11 he graduated with honours and highest marks with both Ontario and Inter-provincial as one of the youngest licensed Carpenters in 1978. John is now President and CEO of the Liptak Group of companies. Growing up in the construction and building environment, with a keen sense of traditional building practices as well as the newest techniques and ideas, John has melded computer technology with the construction industry in the 1980’s. In 1998 John started his first software company which is now the largest accounting and insolvency software firm in Canada and is also located in Europe and even the government of Ireland uses this software. 

Today the Liptak Group has one foot in the construction industry and one foot in the software and technology industry owning construction, real estate and land development firms as well as software and technology firms. 

The Next Generation

Today, John works alongside the next generation of Liptak’s to take Liptak Group to new heights of excellence. 

Patricia Liptak-Satov – Chief Operating Officer, continues to refine OakWood’s approach and processes while introducing new technologies and business efficiencies to ensure responsive, client centric companies. 

Angela Mallon, CPA, CMA – Vice President Finance, manages the financial resources and the overall well-being of the Liptak Group of companies.